AccessPortal is installed as part of the Ericom Connect End-User (Client) web service (EUWS) installation.  Once AccessPortal is installed, three AccessPortal URLs are available:
HTTPS (trusted cert required): https://<server-address>:8011/EricomXml/
HTTP (not secure): http://<server-address>:8033/EricomXml/
ESG: https://<esg-address>:<esg-port>/EricomXml/
A sign in prompt will appear displaying fields for the user's credentials.  

Click the context menu icon to access additional settings, such as choosing the user interface language, keyboard locale and About information. 

The first screen includes the following options:

Choosing the 'Language' option will allow the user to select the interface language and keyboard locale. Selecting Keyboard Locale will allow the user to select the desired keyboard language for the session. Starting in 7.6.1 the Language and Keyboard Locale settings will be saved locally on the device for per browser.  These settings will override the Ericom Connect server-side defaults once they are configured on the end-user side. 

Choosing the "About" option, this screen is displayed, including information about the version and useful links 

Upon successful login, the user is presented with a list of assigned applications and/or desktops that appear in the AccessPortal menu bar. The assigned resources might be displayed in 2 different views: List view and Grid view (to switch between them, go to the AccessPortal Menu Bar section below). 

To launch a resource, click or tap the icon.  The application and/or desktop will launch using the AccessNow HTML5 interface and the AccessPortal menu will automatically minimize to the left, displaying the active resource icon in it.

To expand the AccessPortal menu, click or tap on the menu button:

If changes are made to the user's application set, refresh the browser to see the new application set; the user may also logoff and log back into AccessPortal to see the changes.