Ericom Connect® is an enterprise grade Connection Broker for managing access to various types of hosted applications and desktops. Supported platforms include Remote Desktop Session Hosts (Terminal Services), physical workstations, and virtual workstations.Ericom Connect enables organizations of all sizes to quickly deploy virtualized applications and desktops in a robust and user-friendly manner.  End-users may connect to published applications, desktops and documents from a wide range of client devices including Windows®, Linux® and Mac® OS X, tablets, smartphones, Chromebooks and various thin-client devices. In addition, Ericom Connect provides secure, encrypted connections for both internal and external user access.


An Ericom Connect environment has been load tested with 100,000 users on 1,000 RDP hosts and 1,000,000 sessions in a simulation environment.

Advanced Grid Architecture

Ericom Connect uses grid technology to provide high availability, super scalability, and enhanced performance. The distributed nature of the grid platform allows for scaling to support thousands of hosting servers and hundreds of thousands of user sessions.  All business logic, state information, and health status is shared across each member of the grid.
The Grid is created and configured as part of the Connect installation process.  This process consists of:
·           Initializing the database
·           Configuring and starting the business logic service
·           Bootstrapping the system
·           Starting other grid components
The grid is identified by a "Grid Name". All components are registered with a specific grid name. Each grid on the same network must have a unique name. The default name is "EricomConnect".
Members of the grid include:
·           Processing Unit Server
·           Ericom Secure Gateway (ESG)
·           Admin Web Services
·           Client Web Service
·           RemoteAgent Web Service



·           RemoteAgent (Windows only)
AccessPortal is installed as part of the Connect installation, but is not a member of the grid, nor are the AccessPad and AccessToGo native clients.


Easy End-User Access

End users may use several Ericom portal interfaces to sign in to Ericom Connect and launch published resources.
·           AccessPortal is a web based portal used to login to Connect and view assigned resources. Upon launching a resource, AccessNow will be used to display the application or desktop in the web browser. An HTML5 compatible browser is required.
·           AccessPad is a native client used to login to Connect and view assigned resources.  Upon launching a resource, AccessPad will display the application or desktop using configured settings on the Connect server. This client supports Blaze acceleration and non-accelerated mode.
·           AccessToGo is a mobile app used to login to Connect and view assigned resources. Upon launching a resource, AccessToGo will display the application or desktop using configured settings on the Connect server. This app supports Blaze acceleration and non-accelerated mode.




Web-based Administration

All management and monitoring is performed from a single easy to use web based interface. Multiple Active Directory accounts may be assigned Administrator access.  The web interface is supported by all browsers and does not require any high maintenance plug-ins or installers.





Powerful Launch Analysis

The unique Launch Analysis feature provides a powerful analysis tool for proactively analyzing a user's connection to an application or desktop. The administrator can now have detailed insight to every event in any user's connection process from the administration console. By analyzing the connection with a high level of detail, the probability of detecting and fixing the root cause of an issue is dramatically increased.  This leads to reduced manual troubleshooting and end-user disruptions. This tool is also especially helpful for troubleshooting issues on devices, such as tablets, where remote screen sharing is not possible. 





Role Based Categorization

Ericom Connect uses the concept of groups to meet many diverse use cases. All published resources are assigned to a "Publish" group which is then assigned owners from Active Directory (users, groups, etc.)  Each "Publish" group is then assigned one or more "System" groups which contain systems that will run the applications and/or desktops. "System" groups provide the ability to categorize servers and workstations with similar roles into groups for assignment.





Business Intelligence

Ericom Connect logs all user and session activity to provide administrators and business managers with a thorough view of how resources are being used. Such data is useful for many use cases such as:
·           Tracking subscription based usage of applications and desktops
·           Monitor user productivity
·           Measure system workload and health
·           Troubleshoot issues (connectivity, assignment, errors, etc.)