Sign in to the Administration Console

There are several methods to launch the web based Administration Console:
·           Launch Ericom Connect Configuration Tool and press the "Launch Admin UI" from the main menu.
·           URL: https://serveraddress:8022/Admin/
The configured administrator user for the grid creation will have initial access to sign in to the administration console.

The web interface is optimized for 1366 pixel horizontal resolution.
Users of Ericom Connect prior to 7.6 may access the Classic admin console by navigating to https://<server-address>:8022/Admin/classic.html

Selecting the UI Language

To change the user interface language of the Admin console, click on the context menu at the upper right corner to open the settings screen:

Select the "Language" option

Select the desired language from the list and the user interface will use the selected language.

Example using Japanese:

Certain default objects in Ericom Connect were created in English (e.g. All Resources and All Hosts group) and will not be translated.  To change these texts to the local language, go to the object's properties and enter the desired text in the local language.